What people are saying about Dannegger-Training Dog School:

"Great for our reactive pup AND us!!

 We learned so much just from attending the clicker training (orientation), and Andrea made it so easy that we signed up for more lessons. What we learned has had a huge impact on Millie even after only 2 weeks. It has also made a huge impact on us. We feel more equipped to manage her behavior and feel like we are making good progress that is good for her."

- Mary and Frank

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"I first worked with Andrea when I needed to complete the SKN when Bella was a puppy. We both thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. We have since returned to attend the Doggy Fitness class. I love the fact that I can drop Bella and go run errands, etc and return to a happy, stimulated dog. Andrea goes above and beyond with the training and always has plenty of advice. For me this class is super value for money and I try to bring Bella twice a week."

- Susannah C.
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"Andrea is incredibly kind and truly generous, not just with her time but also with her knowledge. Not only did she help provide us tools to effectively manage Milou, our very rambunctious and mischievous puppy, she answered my thousands of questions with the patience of a saint. I really appreciate Andrea's methods of positive reinforcement without the use of aversives. While some may view this approach as one that requires too many dog treats, her methods helped me cultivate an amazingly tight bond with my dog. Milou has become more naturally well-behaved as a direct result of that bond and absolutely thrives using the methods she taught us. All dog training takes a lot of time and consistency but it definitely pays off! I really believe Andrea was the best decision we could have made when choosing a dog trainer. Milou absolutely adores her (as do I)!"
- Wai Ming S.


"I highly recommend Andrea. She is amazing with dogs, it is like she can speak their language. My dog Cosimo loves her very much and he was always very happy to have the trainings with her. Andrea is very patient with both dogs and owners at the same time, she helped me a lot with understanding dog behavior, which gave me the confidence needed to live with a dog. I am a first time dog owner so having the trainings with Andrea made my life much easier. My children were also involved in the trainings and they told me: “When we grow up, we hope to have a job we love as much as Andrea loves her job”, and I think that says a lot."
- Diana N.


"What I love about Andrea is that she is so eminently practical. Nothing airy-fairy just honest to goodness, practical help. Her tips and advice are all do-able which is a huge consideration. Andrea inspires faith that things CAN and WILL GET BETTER.
I thank the good Lord every Saturday morn that we have her. "

– Catherine M.


"We came to Andrea to see whether individual training session will fit us better as compared to group lessons. After being at a puppy school with our Australian Cobberdog we wanted to get some tailored and individual training. The objective was to adapt the training according to the needs. This is not so feasible in a group session! We have been 3 times at Andrea’s training room and we enjoyed every minute! It is indoors and we can train with the entire family. This is very effective and our dog as well as us do learn a lot! Very efficient and also simple to train further at home! Andrea has a lot of experience and we receive a lot of tips around everything how to properly raise a dog."
-- Peter & Vilborg

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“Andrea Dannegger is the best dog trainer I have ever worked with! We’ve had many dogs over the years and have tried many different methods of training. Andrea is the first trainer to focus on the importance of using motivation and teaching owners how to communicate with the dog. This has given me a much more rewarding relationship with my standard poodle!”

 – Monica M.

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"My husband and I would highly recommend Andrea. We met Andrea when we adopted a rescue puppy from Hungary. As first-time dog owners we wanted to ensure that we understood the needs of our dog.   Andrea was great, she is very knowledgeable & was always supportive if we had any questions. We really appreciated how she taught us how to reinforce positive behaviours. Andrea cares greatly for the dogs and their owners that she trains! Through her experience and expertise she helped us to understand what motivated our dog in a positive way. We found our training sessions to be fun and rewarding for both us and our dog."
-- Kherrin G.

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"I got in contact with Andrea only a few days before getting Penny, our new family puppy. She was immediately available to introduce me to the puppy world . As I work full time, she was also extremely flexible with the time and she shared some material I could read on my own straight away. What I really appreciated about her is the fact that she makes the theory down to earth, giving always examples you can relate to. To make me understand how important sniffing is for dogs and how pull your dog is disrespectful for your four legged-friend, she for instance asked me to imagine how I would feel if in the middle of my favourite program on Netflix, someone just switched the TV off. Andrea loves dogs and she is very passionate about teaching humans how to really respect them. Whether you are about to get a dog or you simply want to know what it will be like to have one before you commit, Andrea is the right person to contact."
--Elisabetta S.

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 “I took my puppy to group puppy classes but teaching “sit” and “stay”  was not very helpful when the puppy is jumping on houseguests, barking at the doorbell, chewing furniture and stealing shoes… Andrea teaches practical house manners and gives useful management tips (x-pens and crate training) that are vital for day to day living with a dog -- especially a puppy like ours (see photo)!”
- Marie K.

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Before attending your first session please watch:
Short but Important Videos of my Training Philosophy and Methods