Am I the right trainer for you and your dog?

If you:                                               

  • want to build a strong, trusting relationship with your dog, based on understanding and respect for his needs
  • are willing to use food and toy reinforcements in your training
  • are willing to manage your dog's freedom to limit the practice of undesirable behaviors
  • want to understand and utilize what motivates and drives your dog's behavior
  • have patience and consistency, and can keep your sense of humor:

Come and train in my new Indoor Dog School in Basel Dreispitz!

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About Me

My name is Andrea Dannegger and I am a certified dog trainer.

I’ve had a lifelong love of dogs -- That might be because my mom would often put me and my twin sister in a playpen together with our Great Dane and German Shepherd to keep us all out of trouble while she did the housework!

As a dog/people trainer, I’ve made it my mission to help people develop a strong, positive and trusting bond with their dogs. To achieve this, I emphasize careful management of the dog in the home as well as outdoors to prevent the practice of undesirable behaviors. There are no bad dogs, just bad management! By preventing bad behavior, owners are free to focus all of their attention what the dog is doing well. By using crates, house leashes and play pens, a lot of unnecessary frustration and scolding can be avoided, leaving interactions with the dog filled with positive reinforcement (food and play rewards) and encouragement. My goal is to show owners how fun and rewarding training can be, so that they continue to practice for the life of their dogs.

So, am I the right trainer for you? Please look through my site and read the posts about my training methods and philosophy to help you decide.