General Terms and Conditions

Dannegger-Training INDOOR DOG SCHOOL
General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)
February 2023



Applications for Dannegger Training services (courses, seminars, etc.) can be made via email or by registration form.

Unannounced participation in a course (drop-in) is not possible.

The dog must be in good-health, vaccinated and de-wormed in order to participate in the training courses.
Participants are required to inform Dannegger-Training before the lesson about any issues with their dog(s): i.e. illnesses, injuries or chronic health conditions, behavioral disorders, excessive aggression or fearfulness.
Please note that a verbal “o.k.” from your veterinarian does NOT change these terms! Dannegger-Training is willing to discuss any issues with your veterinarian to assess the safety for the dog and other clients. However, Dannegger-Training reserves the right to exclude dogs with potential health or behavioral issues from attending.

Dogs are to remain leashed or crated unless being actively worked.

People attending courses should also be in good health: If you have Covid or even a cold or flu please cancel the session!  YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANY CANCELLATION DUE TO ILLNESS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD, NO MATTER HOW LATE.
Participants must follow the instructions of the trainer and assistant trainer. In particular, unleashing the dogs, play time and introducing new dogs should only be carried out as instructed. The dogs should be kept in such a way that no danger comes to the trainer, other dogs/animals, third parties or property.

Valid and sufficient liability insurance must be carried for the participants and their dogs.
Participants are responsible for any and all damage caused by themselves and/or their dogs. Dannegger-Training accepts no liability for personal injury or property loss.

Training Results:
Success for the client's objectives cannot be guaranteed by Dannegger-Training because results of the training will depend upon regular and consistent application of the training methods by the participants themselves and can be also be affected by several other external factors beyond the control of Dannegger-Training.

Duty to report aggressive behavior:
By law, dog trainers are obliged to report dogs showing excessive aggressive behavior to the competent cantonal authority.

Payment for Dannegger-Training services is to be paid per wire-transfer on or before the first lesson or individually by TWINT or in cash (Please bring exact amount)  at the end of each lesson.

Lesson Blocks:
Participants can purchase lesson blocks of 5 for a discounted price. Payments for unused portions of lesson blocks will not be refunded by Dannegger-Training, unless the entire course is cancelled by Dannegger-Training. Blocks of 5 lessons must be used up within 6 months unless arrangements are made to postpone the course. (See below)
Unused portions of lesson blocks are transferable to other courses and /or third parties. Clients are only charged for lessons they are present for. If you are on holiday or have other commitments, please inform Dannegger-Training in advance. (See below).

Cancellation provisions:
Cancellation of a lesson by the participants must be made by email, text, Whatsapp or Signal at least 24 hours before the course begins, otherwise the full course fee is owed.
EXCEPTION: In the event of illness or injury of the dog or owner or family member, same day cancellation is sufficient and appreciated.  (For the protection and convenience of everyone: Please if you are ill, stay home and please keep sick children at home -- you will NOT be charged for the lesson in case of illness in your household - no matter how late!)
Dannegger-Training reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule individual lessons due to illness or other significant factors. In the case of an entire course being cancelled by Dannegger-Training, unused portions of lesson blocks will be refunded or can be transferred to another course or to a third party.

Data protection:
All data will be treated confidentially by Dannegger-Training and will not be disclosed to third parties. Photos and videos of training sessions for educational and/or advertising purposes will only be used with the expressed permission of the persons involved.

Legal status:
For litigation, Swiss law applies. Court of jurisdiction: Allschwil, Switzerland


Location of Indoor Dog School:                
Leimgrubenweg 9 C
First floor Room 1-17                                                                                          
CH-4053 Basel                                                                                                

Contact :
Andrea Dannegger                                         077 452 17 98
Feldstrasse 103                                     
CH-4123 Allschwil                                                                                                                        

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Before attending your first session please watch:
Short but Important Videos of my Training Philosophy and Methods