My Qualifications

 Certodog HIK-1 certification (
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 SKN-Trainer certification Certodog (

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Welpenkursleiter / Puppy Course Instructor certification Certodog
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SVEB 1 certified instructor (Swiss Federation for Adult Learning)
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Zero to CD Program Hannah Brannigan (currently enrolled)

Karen Pryor Academy (
   Puppy Start Right for Instructors

Leerburg Online University Courses: (

  Courses by Forrest Micke:

                       Teaching Engagement Skills

                       The Heeler's Toolbox / Beginner

  Courses by Mark Keating

                  Functional Play Development "The Rules of Play"

                  Relationship Games

             Courses by Joshua Moran

                  Small Dogmanship - Success for your Small Dog

 Ultimate Agility Online Courses: (

                             Ultimate Reinforcement

                             Ultimate Foundation                      

 More than 25 years experience in adult education (English teaching, time  management and organization, dog training)


Before attending your first session please watch:
Short but Important Videos of my Training Philosophy and Methods