Training Session Loops - K.I.S.S.

By combining ideas from several sources ( TAG Teaching, Morten Egtvedt, Cecilie Koeste and Susan Garrett, to name only a few), I have designed a quick and easy CLICKER/MARKER TRAINING PLAN OUTLINE that works quite well for me and my clients. I call it:

 K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Simple) TRAINING SESSION LOOPS



Start by formulating a PLAN:
I use the acronym W.O.O.F. (from TagTeaching) which stands for:

  • What you WANT
  • ONE thing
  • FIVE words or less

So a training plan for your first loop might be: "dog puts butt on floor" (What I want, one thing, observable =(clickable), five words or less)

After you have the plan but before you get your dog: SET UP: Get your leash, high value, pea-sized treats, your clicker/marker, any needed props and your dog's favorite toy.

THEN get your dog: I like to have a word or phrase like "Ready? / Are you ready to work?" to let the dog know that he has an opportunity to earn clicks and treats.

TRAIN: Get the behavior with Shaping or Luring: Train for a total of 5-10 Clicks/Treats:

Then say "Finished" or "All Done!" to let the dog know the opportunity to earns clicks & treats is finished.

Then PLAY for 30-60 seconds: Tug, toss a ball, run and let the dog chase you -- whatever the dog enjoys and gets him moving about.

Then put dog away (on a bed, in a crate, or "parked" with a leash) 

The next step is to REVIEW: How was your:

  • TIMING: Did you click the behavior at the right time?
  • CRITERIA: Was the training too hard or too easy for your pup?
  • RATE OF REINFORCEMENT: How fast were your Clicks &Treats
  • QUALITY OF REINFORCEMENT: Does your dog find the treats valuable enough to work for?

Then you decide on the plan for the next loop: What small change (ONE THING) can you make?

Do only 3-4 loops per session
 Most importantly HAVE FUN! If you or the dog are tired or frustrated, stop the session and wait till a better time.