How much do the lessons cost?

In-person sessions in my dog school on Göschenenstrasse 13 in Basel, usually last between 60-70 minutes.
For this I charge CHF 100 / per session cash or TWINT on the day of the lesson.

There is a discount if you purchase 5 lessons in a block: These are charged at CHF 90.00 / lesson.

In-home or Training-Walk lessons in areas not immediately bordering Allschwil (i.e. Riehen, Oberwil, Therwil, Reinach) can be scheduled. However, I do not drive, so a travel surcharge of  CHF 1 per minute beyond 30 minutes (bus schedule times) will be added.

About the Training:

 For me, dog training is people training. If you and your family learn how to work with and communicate with your dog,

you will be able to get the behaviors you are looking for.

My goal is to show owners how fun and rewarding training can be, so that they continue to practice for the life of their dogs.


The enormous amount of information that most new dog/puppy owners need to learn and practice takes time to impart.

We can do that even if the puppy is sleeping. I charge for my time training PEOPLE! This “training” is every bit as important as anything we do together with the dog and I charge for that time.

Several factors can contribute to a lesson without a lot of “puppy/dog participation”:


·    Issue:     Often puppy’s bio-rhythms do not match the training schedules: Puppies are either ON or OFF and the younger the pup, the faster they “run out of gas.”

Solution: Try to schedule lessons when you know your pup is lively.


·  Issue: Pain or malaise from recent vaccinations or other causes.
Solution: Do not schedule lessons within 2-3 days of recent vaccines or if the pup is unwell or on medication.


·   Issue:      Puppy is exhausted from too much attention/activity before the lesson.  
Solution: Do not walk or play with the puppy in the half-day before the lesson.


·     Issue:    Puppy is not hungry.
Solution: Do not feed the puppy in the half-day before the lesson or only VERY little.


·  Issue:       Lots of people-distractions during the session.
Solution: Ask family members to write down questions / issues in advance. Kids are welcome and encouraged to be present during the lesson, but this can often lead to lesson-plan deviations and overtime.