How much does it cost?

Orientation and Introduction to Clicker/Marker Training
In this short Orientation lecture/workshop you should get a very clear idea of my training philosophy, why I train with a clicker (or marker) -- and insist that my clients do as well-- And you will have the opportunity to practice some of the basic training skills you will need.
This course is a PREREQUISITE to all of my other training courses, however, there is NO obligation to sign up or continue with me after this introduction, but it's the best way for me to ensure that everyone joining in my courses is starting with the same basic foundations.

Cost: CHF 20.00

Private / Family Lessons

Sessions usually last 1 hour.

Private lessons in my dog school or Training-Walk lessons are charged at a rate of CHF 100/per session cash or TWINT on the day of the lesson.
A block of 5 lessons can be paid in advance for CHF 450.00 (CHF 90/per session). The block of lessons must be used within 6 months.