Learning Theory Seminar and Foundation Skills


 In order to ensure optimum success in our training programs, Dannegger-Training requires all clients to have a basic understanding of the ABCs of Learning Theory, Operant Conditioning and the use of a marker (and/or clicker) and to implement these in their training.

Starting at the end of this month, March 2020, Dannegger-Training will require ALL clients to participate in a 90- minute mandatory Learning Theory and Marker Training Seminar before attending the WIN Workshops. ( up to 10 participants. No Dogs)

PRICE: This workshop will be free to current DT clients. New clients will be charged CHF 10.00 for the workshop.

After completing this workshop, participants are encouraged to enroll in the 
 5 FOUNDATION SKILLS workshops on:

·         Targeting

·         Cues

·         Offering Behaviors

·         Attention

·         Settling on a Mat or in a Crate


Although the Foundation Skills workshops are not required, they are designed to give you and your dog the training skills needed to make ALL OTHER behaviors easier to train /learn.

Workshops of up to 5 dog-person teams: family members welcome


Single workshops can be booked at CHF 60/ per workshop.

Blocks of 10 workshops can be purchased for CHF 550
Note on Lesson Blocks: All of the workshops must be taken within 6 months of first booking.

 Foundation Skills Package: (CHF 420)
1x Targeting Group Workshop (75 min)
1x Cues (75 min)
1x Offering Behaviors (75 min)
1x Attention (75 min)
1x Settling on a Mat or in a Crate (75 min)
2x 60 minute Private / Family Lessons
Certificate of Completion

All of the lessons in the Foundation package must be completed within 5 months of the first booking