Socialization Clubs

"Socializing" in dog training means teaching your dog to ignore strange noises, people, places, objects and other animals. It does not mean go and make friends with everyone!

Junior/Adult Socialization Club

Once a week for 60 minutes for the dogs who still need some extra socialization / distraction practice. Mature dogs do not play the same as young puppies, so this course will not have off-leash play time.(Except in a few circumstances where the owners/dogs are OK with that.) At this age, it is more important that they learn that not every other dog is an opportunity to play! Our goal here is to use the other dogs as “distractions” to get our dogs to focus on us and our training exercises.

Course Dates/Times: In 2018, Junior Dog Club will be offered on Tuesdays from 18:00-19:00 (for healthy dogs of any breed over 6 months old)

Course Size: Maximum 8 dogs.

Cost: FREE when enrolled in a Basic Essentials Course,  Brain& Body Course or Private / Family Lessons. (Space permitting, non-enrolled clients may attend at the cost of CHF 20.00/dog per evening)

Please register each week by Email: if you would like to attend. (This helps me with planning the activities / limiting the number of dogs)

Socialization Club Gallery

Photos taken by Cher Kao Cher Images-Pet Photography-, Sitting and Dog Training

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Please Note:

These are not obedience training programs nor problem-behavior-modification programs! If you need special attention for your puppy’s issues, please contact me to discuss private or family lessons, or to join one of our young dog courses.

The progression of the sessions will be "organic" rather than linear, since not everyone will be able to attend every single lesson. That means that the next session will not necessarily “build on” something that was covered in the previous session. (Although regulars will definitely benefit more than those coming only sporadically.)

Puppies/ Junior dogs must be de-wormed, vaccinated and in good health: (no vomiting, diarrhea or eye/ear infections).

(People accompanying the dogs should also please be in good health!)

 Children are VERY welcome, however, children under 10 years of age should be accompanied by a second adult – one adult to keep an eye on the puppy and another to pay attention to the child.