Puppy Essentials

This is a puppy socialization and early training course. (Maximum 5 puppy-teams -- family members welcome!)

Cost: CHF 350.00 includes four 90-minute in class lessons, clicker, handouts & homework, and a certificate of completion.  

Who is this course designed for? Open to puppies between 7 and 14 weeks of age when starting class (ideally finishing at around 18-19  weeks of age) and all household members involved in the daily activity of the puppy. (Puppies must be started on their vaccination series at least 10 days prior to starting class)

Course content: Four90-minute in-class sessions covering the following topics: Basic Learning Theory, Health & Handling, Management and Crate Training, Careful exposure to noises, moving objects, strangers and other dogs. We will also do some basic recall, positions and leashwork training.  You can expect lively discussions on things like puppy biting/chewing, house-breaking, jumping on people, leaving the puppy alone and various other "joys" of puppy ownership!

When: To be announced   *

* The course will only be offered when at least 3 puppies are registered.