“Training is controlling consequences to change the probability of future behavior.” 


Courses Offered


Puppy Start Right Preschool

This is a puppy socialization, management and early training course based on the Karen Pryor Academy trainers Kenneth and Debbie Martin.

Cost: CHF 240.00 includes Puppy Start Right course-book and 5 course videos by Kenneth and Debbie Martin, treat bag and clicker.

Obedience, Management & Manners (formerly called Basic Essentials)

This is a basic obedience training course with some additional focus on household management and manners.

Cost: CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Brain & Body

This course refines (the dog should already be familiar with these!) the "basics": sit, down, stay /wait, recall, loose-leash walking as well as coordination training, targeting, agility equipment work, nose-work (search/detection), scent hurdle racing, tricks and more .

Cost: CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Private / Family Lessons

All three of the above courses can be booked as Private or Family Lessons at the dog school

Cost: CHF 650.00 for a 10-lesson block in the school.

Important Notice:

I am NOT a behavioral specialist and do not consider myself sufficiently qualified to work with “problem” dogs: including aggression towards people/other animals or extremely fearful and timid dogs.

In such cases, I usually recommend that people ask a veterinarian for a recommendation for qualified animal behaviorial therapist.