Brain & Body

Course content: This is a mixed-sport and obedience course.

Cost: CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Who is this course designed for?

  • People who want to challenge themselves and their dogs in a variety of training situations without going too in-depth into any one sport or discipline.

  • People with dogs who have done basic obedience training and want to continue training and challenging their dogs.

  • People who are unsure where their dog's talents and interests lie and want to try out a variety of options.

  • High-energy dogs and dogs that get bored easily (often these dogs just need more brain-work)

  • Dogs and/or owners who have mobility issues and don't want to /are unable to run an agility course but still wish to train their dogs on some of the agility equipment where possible.

Course Length: open-ended.

Course content: This is a mixed-sport and obedience course.

Handler instruction: learning-theory basics: training words, classical and operant conditioning, marker training, reward-delivery mechanics, body- and signal mechanics: shaping, targeting, capturing, agility handling tips, reward placement and more
Dog instruction: reviewing the "basics": stay /wait, recall, loose-leash walking with increased focus on coordination training, targeting,  agility obstacles, nose-work (search/detection) basics and more!

Course Size: Maximum 5 dogs.

Start: Starting dates are flexible. As much as possible, participants are carefully matched to ensure that the course goals are similar.