Basic Essentials

This is an obedience course with some additional coordination and sports-related training.

Cost: CHF 480.00 for a 10-lesson block

Who is this course designed for?

Open to “graduates” of Puppy Start Right Preschool or any people with dogs aged 16 weeks to 12 months who need basic training but would also like to work on obedience, coordination training and sports-related skills.

Course content:

Handler instruction:

Learning-theory basics: training words, classical and operant conditioning, marker training, reward-delivery mechanics, body- and signal mechanics: shaping, targeting, capturing.

Dog instruction:

Training and/or refining the "basics": sit, down, stay /wait, recall, loose-leash walking as well as management: leave it, drop it, “bed” (and more!) as well as coordination training, targeting, some agility work, nose-work (search/detection) basics and more.

Course Length:

Open-ended. The basics (recall, loose-leash walking, positions and stay) will be covered in the first 10 weeks with the option of renewal for further obedience work and additional coordination-, tricks- and sports-related training.

Course Size: Maximum 5 dogs.


Starting dates are flexible.  As much as possible, participants are carefully matched to ensure that the course goals are similar.